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An appearance of a home entirely depends upon the look of the walls and floors. One of the best alternatives of enhancing its looks is by selecting an exceptional wall paintings and designs. It is through wall painting that one can give a brand new and elegant look to their old rooms and houses. In today’s case, the majority of the people choose excellent interior decorating ideas to embellish their homes. It gives that fabulous touch to your particular room or to the entire house. That is the reason why it is essential to choose the right paint brands for your home.

If you are thinking that the walls of your room are looking boring and old, you can always decorate it with interesting shades. There are several brands and companies available in the present context who have hundreds of exciting painting shades and colors. If you are living in Kathmandu, you can choose Asian Paints who have been in the color Nepal concept since 1983 and they have been leading paint manufacturing company till this date. They are the oldest paint company. Asian Paints is an India based company who has been internationally recognized and been certified under ISO:9001 and ISO:14001. In Nepal the company has been producing 20,000 tons of paints on an annual basis. Not only they are accessible in the capital city, but can be found in all the major cities of Nepal. To give you more information about the company, they have set up more than 500 dealers tinting systems. Asian Paints Nepal believes in environment protection and hence avoid the use of chemicals like Arsenic, Mercury, Lead, Chromium or any other harmful elements. The company puts a lot effort to manufacture products containing less amount of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC). And in order to prevent any sort of pollution, all the factory operates with Effluent Treatment Plant that makes sure that the water discharged is clean and harmless.

The Asian Paints offers several products under the brand name like Berger International, Apco Coatings, SCIB Paints and Taubmans. The brand is famous in different other countries from North Africa, South Asia, Middle East and South Pacific areas of the globe. They altogether operate in 17 different countries and 50 other through Export and licensing.

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There are more methods to enhance the worth of your home. Some of those ways could be by making necessary additions and repairs without upsetting the layout of the house. The whole process is risky in addition to the requirement of a great amount of investment and time. Painting is one kind of home improvement. However the time and investment here depends upon the size of the project. The home improvement contractors guide you to the right way of accomplishing the job within the reasonable cost and effort.

Painting is the fastest way to improve the look of the home and considered as the most wonderful aspects of home renovation project. Painting is more than just changing the outer surface, it influences the mood of an individual living in the house. Colors play a role in affecting emotions of the people. If you are deciding to paint a room, there is no need of a professional contractor for it can be done by a single person, you. But if the entire home needs colors, it is a must that you contact the best painting contractors or the home improvement company to do it for you. In the context of our capital city; Kathmandu, there are hundreds of such companies and thousands of contractors who have great assistance to provide you with unbeatable deals.  Now if you are by chance doing it yourself, the best thing to do is take some suggestions from the internet prior to beginning the project. There is not much thing to do besides identifying the place, picking suitable colors, choosing a right color brand from the market and going step by step as per the instructions. Now everything can go fine except one phase and that is the choice of right color brand. In this regard, one can take advantage of the most reputed paint brands in the country. In our country, Asian Paints have always taken over  the entire home improvement painting field and has been in the color Nepal concept since 1983. And because it is the oldest in the country, it has to be the first choice for every home improvement contractor and you as well. Plus Asian Paints is a multinational company with all standard certifications.

There is always a greater benefit in making use of products that have least harmful chemicals in its production. That way, when you plan to do things yourself, you do not need to worry about whether there will be any kinds of side effects to your health.

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The color selection of the house that we live defines our personality. It also reflects on the mood we bear. Each of us has different taste of shades depending on several circumstances and categories. The choice depends upon difference in age and style. It also depends on how much you can spend on it. When it comes to doing a low-budget work, people prefer doing the job themselves applying the best DIY tools.

Generally two coats are applied to get the intensity of the normal coloring. In case you have made the decision of decorating your house with beautiful colors, you need to know about certain factors prior to shopping essential shades of any brand. Of course, it is the brand that talks of qualitative result. When you are out there to buy it, make sure that you have done enough research about the popular and great brands of Nepal. Asian Paints Nepal is the oldest and the most reputable company in Nepal for the paint products. Started its operation in 1985, Asian Paints in Nepal are a leading company with its manufacturing headquarter situated in Hetauda. The company overall provides hundreds of shades for both interior and exterior walls. The company approves certification under ISO-9002 and Nepal Bureau of Standards and produces an entire range of wood finishes, decorative and industrial coatings. Asian Paints have operated its subsidiaries around the world . The process is classified into overall three phases i.e. Pre-painting work, Surface preparation and Painting. Under these major classifications are the details.

Be it  the walls, metal surface or  wooden surface, be it inside of the house or outside, you will have more alternatives than you want and all more than you expect. If you are not satisfied with one color, you will get another for sure. You can now show your rare imagination into something real an out of the world. Be unique, be proud!



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    January 2014